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How to Activate a Venmo Card

How to Activate Venmo Debit Card: Learn Latest Method 2021

Ask any Venmo user about the best thing he likes about Venmo, chances are high that he would say Venmo Debit Mastercard. Why? Because it’s widespread acceptance and effectiveness enables the users to spend money in a professional way. Users can use this card to fund their various kinds of needs. They can use it to buy groceries, meals, drinks and do shopping. Wherever Mastercard is acceptable, there you can make payments in just one swap. But, to get all these wide-ranging benefits, you have to go through a one-time process: Activation process. Yes, you will require activating your Venmo Debit Card. And this is also the topic for today's discussion: How to Activate a Venmo Debit Card in simple steps.

Also, you will get an overview of adding money to your Venmo card and what to do if you lose it. However, if you wish, you can get in touch with Venmo Customer service and get assisted directly. Or else, continue to this helping post.

How to activate a Venmo Debit Card by phone?

Venmo card's activation process is quite simple and straightforward. Once you receive your brand new card, you can activate it online through your phone. These are the simple steps to follow:

· Open Venmo payment app on your phone.

· Press the menu tab (three horizontal lines) available at far top-left corner

· Now look down on the screen to find the Venmo card option and tap it.

· Right here you will get an "Activate" button, touch it.

· Now you will require entering the expiry date of your card.

· Also, step by step enter the card & CVV number in the given field.

· The next step is creating your Venmo PIN. Enter four digits PIN and confirm it by re-typing.

· Now you will get a notification saying that "Your Venmo card is activated".

· Press the next button, if you want to add money to your Venmo card.

How to add money to a Venmo Card?

As you have activated your Venmo card, now to draw maximum benefits of it, you must add money to it. Here are the simple steps:

· Launch Venmo on your phone.

· Select the menu button and select the "Manage balance" option.

· Now choose the "Add Money" option and enter the amount.

· Select your bank and once again select the "Add Money" button.

How to order a new Venmo card?

New Venmo users will be glad to know that to order and obtain a brand new Venmo card is free. Also, don't forget to activate your card with the help of above mentioned steps to make it usable. Find below the steps to order a new Venmo card:

1. Open Venmo payment app on your phone.

2. Press the menu tab and then select Venmo Card from the drop down menu.

3. Now press the "Get the Venmo Card" button.

4. First option is to choose color. You swap right & left to find the available color.

5. Select the color and then press the "Next" button.

6. Now you will require entering your first & last name then pressing the next button.

7. Right here comes a screen where your need to enter your SSN & date of birth.

8. Then enter your complete address and press the "Next" button.

9. Finally, press the "Submit" button to finish the process.

10. Now you can expect the delivery of the card within the next 8 days (Max).

Have your Venmo Card stolen/lost? What to do now?

In case if you have lost your Venmo card or somebody stole your card, then the first thing you must do is to disable your card. You can block your card without any delay right through the Venmo application. You will find an option to disable your Venmo card in settings. Also, if you wish you can report the theft at 24 Hrs Venmo Customer Service.


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Activate a Venmo Card

Activate a Venmo Card

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